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When you get a modular home from Castleview, you save on your most valuable resource - time. The majority of work gets done in advance, producing a structure that doesn’t need to be built, only assembled. The entire process for you is simple, seamless and satisfying. Our customer service team will walk you through the process of choosing and customizing the home. Our build crew will take it from there and you’ll get your home in a fraction of the time it would have taken otherwise.

Another of our points of pride as a company, is that we deliver homes that are not just “fast food” of housing. The days where a modular home was a standard-made featureless box are far in the past. When you buy from Castleview, you choose a home from a wide variety of layouts, with options for one and two storey buildings, split level houses and more. The interiors can also be customized to any level, ranging from plain and efficient all the way to almost royal luxury.

Key Categories

Choose between four primary categories of modular structures, the one-storey, two-storey, recreational, and split-level houses. Notice that even within those, there are enough subcategories with a variety of layouts to satisfy even the most discerning buyer.


One-storey homes are perfect starters for a small family of three or four. There is room enough for comfortable living and a variety of floor plan layouts to make it a perfect fit for your family’s needs. The home models vary by number of bedrooms, bathrooms, garage size and more.

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This is where you get amazing value for your money. Homes that provide luxurious living for large families or homeowners who love spacious living. Choose between a wide variety of layouts and structures that would satisfy any particular preference; with or without a garage, number of bedrooms, and more - everything can be customized.

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Our recreational homes offer a perfect warm countryside feel created with your comfort in mind. Choose the model you prefer and customize it to fit your needs perfectly. Those cozy modular homes also vary by size, number of bedrooms, storeys and other features to produce a perfectly personalized result.

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Split Level

The split level modular home is a very popular choice for homeowners who’d like to fit in a recreational room, home cinema or a sauna without stuffing it in a basement. The lower level is half-elevated, resulting in it being sunlit and well aerated. On the top, main floor, you get a spacious fully customizable living area. This home is the perfect middle ground between the one and two storey options.

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Above all, we value your time. When a family purchases a piece of land, they lose a lot of value for every day the construction takes and they have to reside elsewhere. Imagine a home that can be deployed in minimal time

frames because it was actually already built and only needs to be put together. We believe in this new, efficient and time / cost effective model of homeownership. One that’s based on the modular home. Welcome to the future.

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